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Holographic Transmission from Kessel

An anonymous Smuggler sent data and information via holographic transmission from Kessel. To protect the innocent, these sources are kept secret. This hologram contains information on products and data useful for the savvy smuggler to advance his or her cause and mission. No smuggler should be without the latest information on starships, weapons, Imperial tactics and other tools that can mean life or death in this high-risk career.

Imperial Conquest Of The Outer-Rim

Solo: A Star Wars Story takes place around 10-2 BBY (Before the Battle of Yavin). During this time, in the first years of the Imperial Period, the Empire had set its priorities on the re-conquest of the Outer Rim regions. Pursuant to the New Order, the freedom of the Outer Rim territories was choked by the clenching grip of the Emperor. The Imperial military divided the Outer Rim into a number of oversectors in order to squash Separatist and Rebel activities, as well as festering criminal operations. Relevant to the smuggling activities of Han Solo and Chewbacca, the Thirteenth Army operated in the Trans-Nebular Sector, which included the Hutt space region. The risk of any smuggling run was greatly increased, as well as the reward for those brave enough to take on a contract.

To learn more about the starships, strategies and battles of the Empire’s re-conquest of the Outer Rim regions during Han Solo’s early career as a thief and scoundrel, reach for Star Wars The Essential Guide To Warfare by Jason Fry with Paul R. Urquhart.  You can also learn more about the Imperial Navy here.

Millennium Falcon

Who hasn’t wanted to fly the most famous space-freighter out there?? – A top-of-the-line production space freighter manufactured by the Corellian Engineering Corporation, the YT-1300 comes with an array of armaments to ward off trouble even the most careful pilots can encounter. Quad Laser Cannons, Concussions Missiles, and a Blaster Cannon come standard. Of course, the YT-1300 can be outfitted with a variety of weapons. The freighter contains both a Sensor Array and Subspace Radio, with a range of up to several light-years. The YT-1300 has durasteel and duralloy plating. In addition, the ship’s Shield Generators provide an overall protection of the hull with both a forward and rear deflector. With regard to propulsion, the ship is equipped with two sublight engines as well as a Class 2.0 Isv-Sim SSPOS chromium-titanium hyperdrive generator that allows travel through hyperspace, which rivals many military vessels (a desired feature for smugglers who would like to keep clear of Imperial trouble). Total cargo capacity is 100 metric tons (plenty of cargo space whether you intend to transport exotic spices, livestock, or precious art objects. All cargo holds are outfitted with extra-wide doors for ease of loading and unloading. As part of a premium package, the compartments can be customized to be sensor-proof (a necessary upgrade for any smuggler).

So, what are you waiting for?? Order your very own YT-1300 and advance your smuggling career today!!

  • Star Wars Force Link 2.0-activated Kessel Run Millennium Falcon vehicle
  • Movie-inspired vehicle lights up, rumbles, and shakes
  • Imagine sending vehicle into hyperdrive with light and sound effects
  • Wear Force Link 2.0 wearable technology (available in Starter Set. Sold separately) to activate effects
  • Includes: vehicle, figure, 2 accessories, and instructions. Ages 4 and up. x3 AA 1.5V alkaline batteries required. Demo batteries included.


Learn to Play the Famous Game that won Han Solo the Millenium Falcon!!

The most popular game in the galaxy, Sabacc is a card game played with a 62-card deck. In this game of bluff, the goal is to achieve a card total closest to zero. The cards range in value from -10 to 10, and they also contain two zero-value cards.

Included in your box-set are 62 cards, 24 cardboard bounty tokens, 2 dice and instructions.

Han Solo’s Lucky Dice

Don’t forget a pair of Han Solo’s iconic, lucky dice!!

Whether you believe in the force or not, any smuggler can benefit from all the luck that he or she can acquire! It’s dangerous out there. Avoiding Imperial starships, escaping a bounty hunter in the local cantina, or just stumbling across stolen goods, you’ll be glad you have you lucky dice.

M-68 Landspeeder

The M-68 Landspeeder is made famous in Solo: A Star Wars Story when Han deftly piloted this street hot-rod through Corellia in a high-speed chase that rivals the chase scenes of old earth movies! This street speeder is available in both hardtop and open-air models. It easily reaches speeds of 140 mph and can quickly maneuver those hairpin turns with no problem. Each thruster has a performance variable exhaust nozzle that delicately shapes and directs thrust at the ease of the pilot’s handling of the controls. The M-68 Landspeeder is a nice addition to your collection!

You can get your very own swift M-68 Landspeeder!

  • 3.75-inch-scale, Star Wars Force Link 2.0-activated Han Solo Landspeeder and Han Solo (Corellia) figure
  • Wear Force Link 2.0 gear (available in Starter Set. Sold separately) to activate figure sounds and phrases and vehicle sound effects!
  • Features vehicle crumple zone to imagine crashing and ejecting passengers
  • Launch figure from Han Solo Landspeeder seat
  • Includes vehicle, figure, accessory, and instructions. Ages 4 and up.


To many in the galaxy, Kessel is synonymous with spice, a much sought after drug. To the crime syndicates, it represents a source of wealth, an operation full of treachery. And to a smuggler, it represents an opportunity for steady work, a nice chunk of credits if you can safely navigate through the region. A planet in the Outer Rim regions, Kessel is rich with minerals from thick veins of glitterstim to unrefined coaxium. The danger lies in the fact that Kessel is surrounded by the chaotic Akkadese Maelstrom. Pilots have established a way to navigate through the Maelstrom via a series of hyperjumps through the Maelstrom. This has become known as the Kessel Run. According to legend, Han Solo is said to have made the Kessel Run with the Millennium Falcon in less than 12 parsecs! Amazing!

Read more about Kessel in Star Wars: The Essential Atlas by Daniel Wallace & Jason Fry, and in Solo A Star Wars Story: The Official Guide by Pablo Hidalgo.

Pyke Syndicate

According to common knowledge, the Pyke Syndicate controls the mining operations on Kessel. Any attempt by smugglers to acquire spice or coaxium should be carefully planned. Whether you are motivated by credits, are under contract, need to repay a favor, or owe a debt, it is strongly suggested that you ally yourself with another smuggler or two. Possible species to ally with would be a charming Falleen, if you are not overcome by their persuasion yourself, or a wily Goatal skilled in diplomacy and clever negotiations.

You can find more about these other smugglers in Star Wars Edge Of The Empire Fly Casual – A Sourcebook for Smugglers!

(Photo Credit: By John Fowler from Placitas, NM, USA (Milky Way) [CC BY 2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons))


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