The Mandalorian…A Smuggler’s Perspective

Boba Fett And The Mandalorians…

…Is the most iconic Bounty Hunter in the Star Wars universe.  Relentless and mysterious warrior, many may wonder who is this man, what is his background, and what part of the galaxy does he come from?  Boba Fett is from a race of people known as the Mandalorians who originate from the planet Mandalore located in the outer-rim of the galaxy.  The imperial stormtroopers stem from the same stock of manalorian warriors.  The mandalorians have a unique galactic history in that they developed their martial philosophy and technology focused on comabating the Jedi knights with their force powers.


Capital City: Keldabe

Mandalore is a planet alive with jungles, seas, and deserts, and has a diameter of 9,200 km (12,742 km Terra (Earth)).  Its day is a standard 19 hours and a year is a standard 366 days.  Thus, a Mandalore day is 6 hours shorter than a Terran day by comparison.  That means that Terra (Earth) is 90.45 additional days, or 3 months longer in a full year.  The population is estmated to be about 4 milion, which consists of 81% humans and 19% other species.  The languages spoken are Mando’a and Basic.  Major Exports include starships and mercenaries.  Major Imports are raw materials.  The capital of Mandalore is Kedalbe.  Mandalore has 2 moons, both of terrestrial type.  With respect to space lanes, Mandalore is close to the Hydian Way, Braxant Run, and the Salin Corridor.  Surrounding planets include Gargon, Taris, and Wayland (Note: The shadowport Myrkr is nearby this planet for you smugglers who are passing through this region and who would be looking to avoid Imperial forces and Mandalorian mercenaries.).

The People

Classification: The Mandalorians are sentient humans.

Language: Mando’a

Social Structure: Ancient clans; the clans were transformed into the modern Mando’ade.

Religion: Ancient belief in a system of three main gods: Kad Ha’rangir – all-seeing creator of tests and trials; Hod Ha’ran – the trickster and agent of fickel fortune; Arasuum – the god of sloth who is an enemy that seduces with promises of peace.  The war chief would interpret the will of Kad Ha’rangir.

Resol’nare: Six Actions that define the character of a Mandolorian are: (1) Raising the young to seek honor and glory, (2) Wearing armor, (3) Defending one’s self and one’s family, (4) Supporting one’s clan, (5) Speaking a common language, (6) Owing fealty to the leader of the clans.


According to old galactic archives, the Mandalorians can trace their heritage back to the Taung speicies who settled on the planet Mandalore circa 7000 BBY after their expulsion from Coruscant in the pre-Republic era (see p.131, Star Wars The Essential Atlas).  The Taung were known as the Shadow Warriors who were driven from Coruscant to the Outer Rim.  The currenty Mandalorians claim that the Taung are their progenitors, not by blood, but through their philosophy and teachings.  The Taung were a humanoid-simian species whose leaders transformed the Mando’ade into warrior bands.

For the next 3,000 years, warrior clans pursued nomadic crusades as they conquered worlds which were absorbed into Mandalorian space.  As the Great Sith War (known as the Great Shadow Crusade to the Mandolorians) was manifesting, the Mandalorians continued to conquer territories in the central region.  Their leader at the time died and he was replaced by Mandalore the Ultimate who reorganized the clans into the Neo-Crusaders.  The Neo-Cursaders continued the campaign to expand Mandalorian territory beyond the Republic’s boarders.  Then, the Mandalorian Wars broke out between 3976-3960 BBY.  After these, the Mandalorians fell apart and dispersed for the next seveal centuries.

In 1750 BBY, the nomadic clans became allies with the Jedi to battle against the Sith Dark Underlord.  Later, they sided with the Sith against the Jedi through many campaigns which finally culminated in the Battle of Ruusan in 1000 BBY.  After this, the Mandalorians continued to increase their martial skills to the alarm of the Republic.  As a result, their advancing aggression was put to a halt in the 730s.  Devastated, a New-Mandalorian idealogy sprouted which espoused peace and nuetrality to cope with these changes.  However, few did not agree with simply abandoning their martial tradition and broke away to carry on with their mercenary lifestyle.

Around 60 BBY, the holographic records show that there were now three groups:

the True Mandalorians – led by Jaster Mereel (who sought to restore honor to the clans)

the Death Watch – led by Tor Vizsla (who tried to get rid of Duchess Satine, but failed; they eventually won over Satine, and their leader Spar, a clone, assumed the title of Mandalore the Resurrector, which indicated that the old traditions were restored

the New Mandalorians – led by Duchess Satine

Armor & Weapons

When the ancient Shadow Warriors came to Mandalore, they adapted the technology of conquered species to warcraft.  However, the most distinguishing characteristic of a Mandalorian warrior is their armor.  Traditional Mandalorian armor is made of beskar, i.e., Mandalorian iron.  Beskar is extremely strong which enables it to deflect blaster bolts and even lightsaber blades.  A smuggler can make a pretty credt if he or she can get their hands wrapped around a cargo of beskar.  Due to the destruction of many hierloom suits of beskar’gam, Mandalorian armor is hard to come by, and most suits today are made from duraplast or alum.

The Helmut, or buy’ce, is an amazing device.  It allows a warrior to see in all directions and communicate well.  The visor adjusts in low-light conditions as well as protects from intense blasts and explosions.  The visor-lens interfaces with the rangefinder via a heads-up display and can lock onto as many as 10 targets.  There is a two-hour reserver air tank and an environmental filter to eliminate pollutants.

Next is the Jetpack, an essential piece to a Mandalorian’s outfit.  Manadalorians are excellent aerial fighters and the jetpack is an essential tool and weapon in their arsenal.  The standard jetpack is the Merr-Sonn JT-12 whcih is a compact and lightweight model with fuel that lasts for one minute.  Intelligence indicates that work is being done to find ways to increase fuel capacity and thus flight time.  Any smuggler who can access this data will be well compensated.

A blaster and a single-concussion warhead missle launcher are the weapons a Mandalorian carries.  A Z-6 missile can be used as a grappling hook, which is a very popular choice.

Smuggler’s Advice

It is strongly advised to be cautious when encountering a Mandalorian.  They often serve as bounty hunters and target smugglers based on high-paying contrcts.  On the other hand, if you can work a deal procuring some beskar or data on jetpack upgrades, you can earn a nice retirement.

The Mandalorian (Television Series)

This is a live-action streaming series that will be set after the fall of the Galactic Empire (after the Return of the Jedi) but before the rise of the First Order.  This story will chronicle a lone Mandalorian gunfighter (Pedro Pascal).

Franchise: Disney+

Series Start Date: November 12, 2019

Written By: Jon Favreau

Directed By: Dave Filoni

Composer: Ludwig Goransson

Lead Role By: Pedro Pascal

Check Out Trailer #1:

Trailer #2:

Collectors & Memorabilia

There are many collectors items that represent Mandalorian heritage.  Check out some of these collectors items!

Recommended Reading

The Bounty Hunter Wars

    • Book 1: The Mandalorian Armor by K. W. Jeter (1998, Paperback)

    • Book 2: Slave Ship by K. W. Jeter (1998, Paperback)

    • Book 3: Hard Merchandize by K. W. Jeter (1998, Paperback)

The Bounty Hunter Code


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